Friday, November 7, 2008

Gavin is growing up so fast!

Gavin is almost fourteen months old now and is growing up so fast!! He is finally feeding himself Cheerios. He has been feeding himself larger items for a few months now, but he has mastered the Cheerios and this has seriously increased his independence. He is such a sweet boy and is learning a lot. We have been working on "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands" for a long time and he has finally caught on to clapping his hands in the right part. He is also starting to take his first steps. The other night, he walked three steps before he sat down and started clapping for himself! Definitely cool that he is learning walking along with clapping. I wish I had a video of it! But of course, whenever I bring out the camera, he stops and stares at it...
In other news, Gavin is still wearing his nine month old size clothes, despite the fact that I feed him a lot of food. He is taking naps in his bed now, so I haven't had to leave the house lately (I used to have to coax him to sleep on a car ride). He loves going up stairs and down stairs. So, now that he loves to go in both directions each time he sees the stairs, it takes us 10-15 minutes to change floors.
He has eight teeth already and has been drooling A LOT lately so I'm awaiting the ninth tooth. He is almost always smiling and sings along to any music he hears, be it on the radio, at church, or when I'm singing. Between that and his piano playing, look out!