Monday, October 29, 2007


Fall Foto Shoot

Gavin was babysat by his Aunt Kyla who took advantage of the time by holding his first annual "Fall Photo Shoot".

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sweet boy

Mama loved to hold Gavin all day in the NICU and take pictures of him. He is very photogenic!Now that he's home Mama still holds him and takes pictures of him.
Good thing she can type one-handed!!


Gavin spent the first three weeks of his life in the NICU being looked after by doctors and nurses. Grammy thought it would be funny for Gavin to surprise the doctor in scrubs one morning at his daily doctor visit. She found tiny scrubs at Build-a-Bear and Mama told the doctor that he'd been in the hospital so long he managed to complete medical school. The doctor surprised us all by letting Gavin go home that very day!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Birth Day

On Sunday September 16, 2007, Gavin Hilton Gutierrez made his debut into the world. Born 7 weeks premature, the first several people I shared the news with thought that I was making a prank call and didn't believe that he was actually born.

He was a surprise to me too, and if Kristin and Mackinlay hadn't actually dragged me to the hospital, he might have been born in my bathtub. I knew my water had broken in primary that morning, but I was still in denial. I called Shana to say I was having "cramps" and she corrected me by saying I was having "contractions". At the hospital, things progressed swiftly. I was transported by ambulance to LDS Hospital so they could take care of my little premie. I nearly gave birth in the ambulance and my poor little guy had a bit of a conehead for the first few weeks from me holding him in. Finally the nice doctor at LDS Hospital let me push and that sweet boy came into the world, screaming his little head off. The doctors called him "feisty" and insisted he would outlive them. He weighed 4 pounds 15 ounces and measured 18" long and surprised us with a mess of auburn hair.